by christypaul2013

People are trained to expect positive reinforcement for doing the simplest tasks. Tonight, that scares the hell out of me. Since I was a fat-headed baby, I’ve always had somebody cheering me on. Due to my rampant laziness, I usually kept the bar pretty low. “Paul learned to tie his shoes today!” I was 14 at the time.

When it comes to writing, I’ve got to learn how to break this curse. I feel like I need a thumps up, or an Atta-Boy!, before I’ll invest much thought into any idea. Encouragement is awesome, but when it becomes a crutch, it might be an issue. That means you, Tiny-Tim. Lost the crutch, you lazy poppit! College is over, I don’t have 15 Yes-Men in polo shirts telling me every idea is “Creative”, “Rad” or “Totes Awesome”.

That’s right,  who cares what everybody thinks? I’m only teasing, I love you all. You’re beautiful. You could stand to lose a pound or 47, though.


Just be forewarned, if I blend self reliance with my Mariah Carey-esque levels of self worth, I’ll be unstoppable. Then you all shall bow to me.

And you shall say:



Paul. Signing off. Singing off? Nah, it’s signing. I’m 64% sure it’s signing.