Fettuccine Carbonara at 6 AM

by christypaul2013


First pasta using our new T-fal 12qt. stock pot./Paul’s first time making pasta without a flavor pouch.

I recently found the stock pot of my dreams at Target. The T-fal 12qt. stock pot had it all: a tall, narrow frame, ergonomic handles, and it matched the look of our Calphalon pieces, all for $50. Great job, Target.


The Intimidator. Great name for a “woman’s health product.” You know, a big, blue, muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-muh.

So, I went to Amazon.com to find it cheaper and hopefully skip sales tax, (apparently that sh*t doesn’t work anymore. Sorry, Californians.) and saw that the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. I ordered it immediately, which was probably a good thing, since Amazon stopped shipping them the day after they shipped mine.

Unless they stopped shipping them because they’re full of lead… Dang it. 

Here’s where it got weird. When it arrived, I read the care instructions and found out that the piece is made of aluminum and can’t withstand more than medium heat. WHAt? Fine. It says it transfers heat better than stainless steel, I’ll give it the benefit of a doubt.


Fits comfortably on one eye. I’m a messy seasoner.

Well, after waiting an hour and a half for 3 qts of water to reach warm bath temp, we tried boiling water in another pan and adding it to the water. I think I saw ice crystals form out of spite. After about another 30 minutes, we turned up the heat to medium-high and said “good night” to our exotic birds. Still barely a simmer.

At this point, it was the pot or us, so we put the pasta in the tepid water and left it for twelve minutes. Not great pasta, but anything’ll do when you’ve been making breakfast for four hours.


Proof that looks aren’t everything?

It had better do its job when I attempt sul lung tang, or it’s going out the window.