Living With Ham Hands

by christypaul2013

Welp. After a few days of deliberation, it looks like I’ll be getting an iMac. No, not because I think it’s more powerful or useful than a Macbook Pro. It’s because of my kielbasa fingers. 

I’m what most people would call “freaky” tall. With great height, comes long, ET fingers. I went to Frys to test drive some of Apple’s latest and greatest products tonight, and as soon as fingers met keyboard, I knew the Macbook wasn’t for me. I’m not wild about the 13″ screensize either, but once I started typing I felt like the Macbook was going to disintegrate into a thousand pieces of overpriced dust.

This is the exact reason why I don’t play the guitar, rock climb, or use rotary phones. Well, the first 2 are more due to rampant laziness, but I blame my lanky digits anyways. I hope the iMac and I will live a long life together, but tonight I’m sad. Sad because I’ve got to chalk up one more thing I can’t have because of my Andre the Giant mitts.


I’m Paul. And my hands aren’t to blame for the Fridge breaking. OK, that was probably my fault too.