Rendering Grassfed Bison Kidney Fat: A Pictutorial

by christypaul2013

If you were wondering what to do with all of that spare bison kidney fat lying around, you’re in luck. -_^

Lindner Grassfed Bison Leaf Lard, Kidney Fat

Lindner Grassfed Bison Kidney Fat. We only rendered two packages, just in case we royally screwed this up.

Preheat to 250

You’re supposed to preheat to 250, but I don’t trust my stove… ¬_¬

Calphalon saute pan

You can use a casserole dish, but we used our sauté pan.

Grassfed Bison Kidney Fat, Unrendered

Unrendered Grassfed Bison Kidney Fat

Cut into smaller chunks, bison leaf lard

Cut into smaller chunks.

bison leaf lard, kidney fat, unrendered, pour into

Pour into your oven-safe dish.

Unrendered bison kidney fat

Looks like 70% fat ground beef. I guess that’s basically what it is.

Eggplants in the oven.

Oops… When we opened the oven, we found two sad, dried-up eggplants. I roasted them a couple of days ago for baba ghanoush, but we went out, and I forgot about them. : (
“Have some more oregano, Mr. Finkelstein…”

Dried eggplants

The funny thing is, Paul saw them in the oven, but didn’t say anything and left them in there, because he thought they were serving some sort of secret purpose. Oh, Paul…

bison rendering lard tallow fat

Anyway, put the fat in the oven.

Photo Jan 14, 3 23 51 PM

40 Minutes on the clock…

Rendered bison kidney leaf fat lard


rendered bison kidney leaf fat lard

The smell was really rich and pretty gross to me, but apparently it’s similar to a venison slaughter house, you know, if you’ve been to one of those…

Cheesecloth in Strainer, ikea colander

Cheesecloth in colander. I bought my cheesecloth at a craft store (Michael’s). I think it was cheaper than buying it at the grocery store.

Crappy-Looking Cookie Sheet calphalon

Crappy-Looking Cookie Sheet

bison kidney fat lard render recipe

Pour fat through cheesecloth onto cookie sheet.

Bison Kidney Fat, leaf lard

Liquid gold…

Strained Cracklings bison

Strained meat residue, or “cracklings”

bison leaf lard tallow recipe

If you don’t squeeze the cheesecloth, you won’t get the bubbles, but we don’t waste fat ’round ch’a!

Cracklings in a bowl. Apparently, you can eat these on salads, but I couldn't stomach the texture/smell.

Cracklings in a bowl. Apparently, you can salt and eat them on salads, but I couldn’t stomach the texture/smell.

Bison leaf lard sets up at room temperature... Quickly.

Bison leaf lard sets up at room temperature… Quickly. I got some on my hands, and it dried like candle wax.

rendering bison tallow

About half an hour later, before we put it in the freezer.



frozen bison tallow lard leaf kidney fat

Out of the cookie sheet in one solid block.

bison tallow lard rendered fat kidney

Cut into smaller pieces.
Doesn’t really “cut” so much as “shatter.”

rendered bison lard fat kidney tallow

Going back in the freezer.

bison fat tallow rendered lard leaf kidney

We decided to use the scrapings from the cutting board to saute some bell peppers.

The bell peppers that managed not to get eaten raw.

You can see the fat solidifying on the cold peppers.

bison fat green peppers

I didn’t think we used enough fat to taste anything, but these were sooo savory. It was like butter on steroids.

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