by christypaul2013

Guys, I’d never lie to you. When I said last week that I’d be posting old script ideas once a week, I meant it. I’m taking beloved ideas I’ve held onto for too long, and setting them free. I’m putting them up for adoption, if you will. BTW, if you haven’t read Christy’s post, Adoptees Unite! And Then Go Your Separate Ways…, go do that immediately. It brought a tear to this old Scrooge’s eye.

So what’s script idea #2, you ask? Go ahead, ask. Sadly, it’s not a sequel to The Little Porn that Could. No, this is a story meant for the 13 year old girl inside of me. Her name is Aubrey, and she’s a Twi-Hard. Oh yeah, this story is basically Twilight Fan Fiction. A few years ago, I figured if everybody else was making money off paranormal romances, why not me? It’s called Believe, and it goes a little sumpthin’ like dis…

A high school is turned upside down when Senior “It” girl, Katie Campbell, is critically injured in a car crash. Nothing messes with a teenage mind like dealing with your own fragile mortality. Rumors spread like a brush fire about the cause of the wreck, but no concrete details had been released. All anyone knows for sure is Katie is in a coma, and things were looking bleak.

Seth Jenkins is a fellow Senior, who was Katie’s childhood best friend. Seth is your typical teen movie lead. He’s brooding, his mother died, and his still heartbroken father rarely speaks to anyone. Once high school came knocking, Katie flocked to the cool table and Seth was left alone. Eventually, he preferred it that way. Seth finds out about the wreck, and even though he hasn’t talked to Katie in years, he fights a jerk who mouths off about Katie drinking before the crash.

Seth goes to the hospital to check on Katie. He can’t bring himself to see her, so he waits outside the hospital. There, he meets a fellow teen named Harlow. Harlow also knows Katie, and they quickly bond. Harlow is your typical manic pixie dream girl. She’s free spirited and fun, exactly what Seth needs to get his mind off of Katie. 

They spend the weekend together, with Seth feeling an odd connection to Harlow. However, she’s mysterious and changes the subject whenever he asks personal questions. Seth is also concerned about a young man dressed in black who seems to be following them. I shall refer to him as GIB, or Guy in Black. (I envision this guy as a young, George C. Scott type. If you’ve never seen The Natural, go watch that and you’ll see what I’m talking about. You’re welcome for that recommendation, by the way.)

Things come to a head when Seth kisses Harlow. He opens his eyes, and she is nowhere to be found. He goes to the Hospital where they met, and runs into GIB. Turns out, Harlow is Katie Campbell’s imaginary friend. Well, Harlow was imaginary, until she basically took control of Katie and caused the wreck. With Katie unconscious and out of the picture, Harlow willed herself into the real world. That’s right, no more sitting on the mind bench, Harlow finally had her own body. That’s why Seth was so drawn to her, she represented all of Katie’s childlike and innocent qualities he used to love. However, Katie was starting to pull through, so Harlow was forced to go back to living in Katie’s mind.

How does the Guy in Black fit in, you ask? I’ll tell you. He is Seth’s imaginary friend, and he’s bitter as hell. Once Seth started to shut himself off from everybody, he really had no use for his imagination. Also, it turns out that while Seth was drawn to Harlow, GIB still held a torch for Katie and resented Seth for letting her go.

GIB wasn’t all bad, he was willing to make a deal. He wanted the driver’s seat. If Seth would give him control of their body, Seth could live forever in the realm of human imagination, with Harlow. Seth didn’t seem to care much for human existence anyway, so what would it matter? 

While it’s not the most family friendly choice, I envisioned Seth accepting the Guy in Black’s deal. Going back to the childhood and imaginary friend theme, I wanted GIB to call it a game of tag. He touches Seth, and once Seth opens his eyes, everything is white. He hears Harlow’s voice, then BAM! Fade to black. Leave em’ wanting more.

I’ll admit there a few story issues in there. Audiences would flee the theaters screaming, “Apparently, the plot is none of our business!”  What happens with the father? Did Seth basically commit suicide?  Were Harlow and the Guy in Black real, or all in Seth’s head? What kind of dumbass name is Harlow? 

Answers: 1. You include a scene showing the father turning a corner with his grief, he’ll be OK.  2. I don’t see it as suicide; you give the Guy in Black a few redeeming qualities, showing he’s just misunderstood. Also, these stories are built for sequels. If Harlow and GIB can break free of the imaginary world, what’s stopping Seth?  3. Harlow was real and will interact with others, GIB was only real to Harlow and Seth. Only crazy people can see figments of their imagination, and Seth was clearly going a little batty. 4. Harlow is the kind of fantastical/odd name a young girl would choose for an imaginary friend, I guess. How the hell should I know? I just liked the name.

But yes, there are flaws and I just never pulled the trigger with this one, script-wise. I assumed you couldn’t turn ideas like this into films without writing it as a book first. Screw that, I have trouble following through on a 90 page script, I’m not writing a 200 page manuscript! I thought imaginary friends would be a spooky, fun twist on the paranormal genre. I hoped teens would relate, everybody had an imaginary friend! Mine was named Zach, and he was the Black Power Ranger. I was an odd kid 😦

I hoped you enjoyed story hour, I’ll be back to my odd takes on the film industry and the writing process soon enough. Until then, be good to yourselves, and each other. Or your imaginary friend will break free and crash your damn car! Bwahahaha!


Paul accepts no blame for Christy’s eggplant fiasco. Keep an eye on your own damn Baba ghanoush!