Korean Barbecue for $5 a Person

by christypaul2013

Okay, if you want to get technical, we had a lot of ingredients at the house already, so the cost would be significantly higher if you didn’t have say, a butt-ton of sesame oil, a gas burner and a Korean BBQ grill. But if you love Korean BBQ and have no patience for crowds or waiters that dole out meat like it came from their pet cow Mandy, maybe it’s time to invest in a lil’ KBBQ set-up of your own.

This particular KBBQ experience was our best yet. We managed to maintain the right temperature, hastily filled vacant grill space, and we avoided an over-abundance of banchan (Korean side dishes), which meant no sad, ignored dishes at the end of the meal.

WARNING: It might be a terrible idea to grill indoors. I don’t know. I do know that repeated grilling tends to coat the entire room in a thin film of grease, but that’s between you and your landlord. We put a towel over Paul’s new iMac out of courtesy (to Steve Jobs, not Paul).

Enjoy the extra capital letters, on me. ^_~

Rice Paper & Radish Wrappers

Rice Paper ($2.49) & Radish Wrappers (Regular and Wasabi) ($.99 ea.)

Gas Burner... Not sure if you're supposed to use these indoors. Probably not.

Gas Burner. Fire Risk? MAYBE!

Photo Jan 26, 8 04 38 PM

More Than Enough Meat For Us Three Humans. ($9.17)

Boiling Rice Paper

Boiling Rice Paper. 5 Minutes Should Do It.

Photo Jan 26, 8 45 15 PM

Cutting Rice Paper Into Squares In The Dumbest Way Possible?

For a lovely, sesame-oily dipping sauce, COMBINE:

Bout Time for More Sesame Oil

Bout Time For More Sesame Oil. It’s Cheaper To Buy It In Huge Quantities, But What Isn’t?


Korean Chili Pepper Flakes

Korean Chili Pepper Flakes!


Handy Dandy Kosher Salt Holder, a la Alton Brown.

Handy Dandy Kosher Salt Holder, a la Alton Brown.


Photo Jan 26, 8 54 05 PM

Ohh, Mama…

For Strong-Flavored Meat Paste, MIX:

Photo Jan 26, 8 39 39 PM

Fermented Soybean Paste


Chili Paste

Chili Paste

Figure out your proportion preference:

Photo Jan 26, 8 42 13 PM

Salty, Spicy Goodness.

Since we couldn’t drink Coke, we picked up a few of these:

Concentrated Water Flavory Stuff. Found it on sale at HK for $1. We bought 18.

Concentrated Water Flavor Stuff. Found Them On Sale At HK Market For $.99.
The Next Day, We Went Back And Bought 15 More…

Photo Jan 26, 8 51 21 PM

The Bottle Said To Add 9 Parts Water To 1 Part Syrup, But This Was Enough For Me.

Photo Jan 26, 8 51 58 PM

F*ck you, MIO!

Photo Jan 26, 8 54 53 PM


Photo Jan 26, 8 55 20 PM

Can You Spot Paul’s Baby Chopsticks?

Okay, starting to get sick of gratuitous capitals.


Love… ($1.99, but we only used 1/3 bag)

Photo Jan 26, 8 58 46 PM

Sesame Oil + Garlic in the Middle

Photo Jan 26, 9 02 33 PM

Garlic Porn.

Photo Jan 26, 9 02 39 PM

Not Pretty, but Smear Rice Paper and Radish Wraps w/ Meat Paste.

Photo Jan 26, 9 02 13 PM

Dip meat in Sesame Oil Dip.

Photo Jan 26, 9 02 50 PM

Add Meat and Garlic (Careful, it’s Hot!) and Enjoy!

Oh, god… I want Korean Barbecue! I can’t believe I was old enough to vote before I got to experience this. If there’s a hedonist bone in your body, KBBQ will change your life. It may be the reason I’m proud to be Korean.

Total cost of items purchased for this particular KBBQ (meat, full bag of garlic, rice and radish wraps, one bottle drink concentrate): $16.62/3 people = $5.54 

Another super-long photopost by Christy