How Many Human Years in One Year Without Internet?

by christypaul2013

“Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.” – Albert Einstein

I’ve been dreading the impending conclusion that for screenwriters, Einstein’s quote means cutting out television and movies after a certain age…

Status Update, about a Month in: 

  1. Thus far, I have managed to watch zero movies, zero television shows and only about an hour (or maybe two >_<) of Youtube nonsense.

    Hide the Wii, someone's in trouble...

    Hide the Wii, someone’s in trouble…

  2. I’ve plotted out (scriptmented? treatmented? what’s that thing where you write out everything that happens but the dialogue?) two full-length movies and completed one short.

    All I see is a box full of paper cuts.

  3. I’ve completed 30 blog posts, some longer than others… I think my favorite was the letter to Frigidaire, because finding the humor in being treated poorly is great way to de-stress. Plus, it’s a great way to stay in shape!


    More like “We don’t friggin care.” Sorry, it was the best I could come up with just now.

  4. I’m up-to-date on everything Chris Brown, Rihanna and Drake have done thanks to Pandora’s pushiness. On a more upbeat note, I also discovered The Weeknd. His lyrics are sort of appalling sometimes, but if you can ignore them, you’ll see he’s doing god’s work by creating more 90’s soul/R&B.

    This disturbs me, but maybe it's because I was never allowed to play with balloobs... teehee.

    This disturbs me, but maybe it’s because I was never allowed to play with balloobs… teehee.

  5. I discovered what Jehovah’s Witnesses are about, and I gotta say, as a lifelong atheist, I agree more with their philosophy than any other form of Christianity I’ve come across; and I consider myself to be pretty into religion, but more about that later.

    A lot of pictures like this in their booklets. I wanna pet a tiger and live forever!

    A lot of pictures like this in their booklets. I wanna pet a tiger and live forever!

  6. I honed and am happy with my current model of the Universe and where it came from. On a smaller scale, I’m over my fear of ending sentences with prepositions.

  7. Discovered the relaxing music of Shreya Ghoshal and other female Indian classical singers. India gets all the good stuff… -___-

    Did not expect her to be this young…

  8. Since I was born in Gangnam, I thought I’d at least try to learn the Gangnam Style choreography. I failed.

    Love both of them. I’ve got three movie ideas, and they’ve all got roles for Kevin Hart.

  9. Despite not watching the news for a month, I still have nightmares of mass shootings. Rant: {When the f^ck are we gonna stop fetishizing bad news? It’s not a free scary movie, it’s an exploitative article outlining the horrors of someone’s death, which is at least a little f%cking personal. If I die, please don’t give people a play-by-play on how it went down. I’m dead. It does me no good. All those people are gonna do is imagine how they would try to get out of the situation if it were them. Or how they would react if it happened to someone they knew. Are you suddenly gonna be able to handle a horrific situation because you read a bunch of news stories about it? Probably f*cking not. What is a constant barrage of those stories more likely to do? It’ll probably traumatize you, make you paranoid about your average fellow man, and shorten your life by flooding stress hormones into your body unnecessarily.} Rant END.
  10. Despite having what appears to be an incredibly busy month, I’ve had more free time than ever, more time for meaningful conversation and none of the nagging stress that came from a chronic neglect of my creative side. I wanted to be productive. I wanted to work. I wanted to be an adult. And I thought I might never be that person. That I just didn’t have it in me. I’m so thankful I’m in a household where I can really cut out all television, block the internet and keep processed foods out. I’m also grateful we live so close to Middle Eastern and Mexican supermarkets, where produce is often 4lbs/$1. ^_^  Also, and this may be TMI, but the lack of processed foods and decrease in stress is the only reason I can figure for my changing figure. I’ve lost weight, hrm, everywhere but where it counts, if you get my drift. ^_- I’m not crazy thin, like you can get when you cut out all carbs, but I think I look healthy, and I think it’s because I’m on a human diet. If you’re still in denial about trans fats, check out your lower gut, and ask yourself if it’s worth being oddly proportioned for something that’s not even animal fat! <- Should be noted that, although there are oral and lower intestinal sensors for fat (there’s not one for carbs) that naturally curb appetite, a prolonged high-fat diet will dull said sensors, which can lead to weight gain, but whatevs. It’s yo body, figure it out.