79 Pages and Face Painting

by christypaul2013

I reached page 79 of my screenplay today, and I rewarded myself (preemptively) by painting my face like K-Pop star Hyuna from the Gangnam Style music video… and taking pictures… and writing a blog post.

Photo on 3-5-13 at 9.51 PM

Another one of these posts?!

Photo on 3-5-13 at 9.50 PM

Yup. It’s my blog, bitches!

I disagree with the saying, “Starting is the hardest part.” When I started this script, I had loads of energy. The pages were blank, the potential limitless. But in the final 10-15 page stretch, all I have staring back at me is first-draft dreck. Finishing is the hardest part! There, I said it. ๐Ÿ˜› How many unfinished projects do you have? Plenty. How many do you have that you haven’t started on, at all? None. MAYBE one. Don’t start making up projects just to be a contrary Mary. When you want to do something, starting ain’t too bad. Finishing? Brutal.

I call this picture: UNDERSTANDING.

Photo on 3-5-13 at 9.53 PM #2


Anywho, I wanted to do a side-by-side comparison of my makeup and Hyuna’s, so I needed to match her expression, which I honestly cannot identify. What is she feeling?!ย 


Lusty? Upset? Be more specific with your facial expressions!

My first attempt was a bust. I look like a RealDoll or a very pious Catholic.

Photo on 3-5-13 at 9.53 PM #3

Lars and the Real Girl

A few attempts later, I did the best I was willing to do.

Photo on 3-5-13 at 10.08 PM #5

Yes, that’s the one.



Battle of the Vacant Expressions

Hopefully, I’ll think of something more productive to do than put makeup on for no reason. It’s a better go-to than smoking hookah all the time, I guess. Hmm, now I want to smoke…

Oh, if you haven’t seen Black Dynamite, do.

Almost forgot to tell the latest Paul story. Paul goes to work at 5:00. He gets ready in a bathroom attached to the laundry room in the back of our house. At about 8:30, I heard what sounded like the washing machine going, despite the fact that I had not put any clothes in the washer. I went back to check what it was and found the sink in Paul’s bathroom running full blast. When I called to alert Paul of his curious blunder, and perhaps to suggest he see a doctor, he had the brass boobs to try to spread culpability to me for thinking that the washing machine had been going for 3 1/2 hours. SORRY PAUL! I’ve never had reason to suspect anyone of turning on a sink faucet so hard they could sprain a wrist, only to leave the house completely unawares.

“I’m sorry I’m not the most borrrring person ever! Okay? I’m sorry I’m not poor. I’m sorry I don’t have a fat ass! I’m sorry I’m not… Hey, where you going?” – Samantha James, Just Friends