Celebration: Round Two / YouTube Video of Me Drunkenly Nagging Paul

by christypaul2013

Round One went surprisingly well. The moonshine didn’t hit me that hard, which leads me to question the whole 80 proof thing. But Round Two…




Everyone tried EVERYTHING.


Lovely… Or so it may appear!

In case you were wondering what the general consensus on each mixer was, you’re in luck. Just for you, we all got face-wasted and rated each of the mixers on a scale of 1 to 10. Please remember that none of us are really drinkers, and we don’t really like the taste of alcohol.


Peach: 6
Pineapple Coconut: 7 (pineapple upside down cake-ish, downside: it looks like jizz)
Banana Pineapple: 6


Strawberry Banana: 6.5
Guanabana: 6.5
Aquas Frescos Tamarind: 7 (Paul gave it a 10. He said it tastes like iced coffee)


Apricot Mango: 7
Mango: 6
Papaya: 6.5
Just a bunch of fruits Americans don’t eat.


Pineapple Orange Passionfruit: 8.5 (angel food cake)
Pineapple: 8 (I gave it a 9. I think it masks the vodka flavor well)
Strawberry: 8 (strawberry shortcake)


Apple: 7 (Paul really liked it)
Coconut Juice: 6.5 (I gave it an 8. It tastes like coconut cake to me)
Club Soda: 3.5 (WTF?)

We watched an awesomely awkward episode of The Graham Norton Show on YouTube with Sarah Silverman, a very drunk Mark Walberg and poor, unsuspecting Michael Fassbender. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor, and say “Hi,” to your mother for me. <– a sentence where the comma makes a difference.

After we finished off the vodka, we went back to the moonshine and then to the Applejack I bought for cooking. That’s the problem with booze, all there is to do when you get drunk is get more drunk. And we did.

Round Two ended the next day when I woke up with a headache that can only be described visually:

I wanted to die, it hurt so bad. My whole body felt like sh*t, but my headache was excruciating. I read that you’re supposed to eat, drink water, sleep and NOT take aspirin, but I couldn’t do the first three with the pain as intense as it was. After about an hour of whimpering in the fetal position, I realized that the only cure was hu-hmm, that other thing they prescribe to people who’ve been poisoned. It was a temporary fix, but it helped me get through the headache and sleep… and eat. -_^

The next day, I woke up after 16+ hours of sleep and still had a terrible headache. More medicine. More sleep. I woke up the third day with a normal hangover and normal headache, and slept for about another day and a half. I paid for one night of drinking with a week of not getting anything done. I never want to drink to get drunk again. Seriously.

 I’ve written zero pages on the screenplay this week, and even though I felt physically better yesterday, I decided to edit the hour of drunken footage we had instead, because I’ve been on a YouTube bender and I can’t look at a boring script page right now! I really need to re-devote (*revote*) myself to this no-internet cause, cause I look like a damn fool.

Speaking of damn foolery, my first YouTube video (of me):

(Yes, when I get drunk, I have a pretty horrifying Southern/made-up accent)