Ah… BreakFast?

by christypaul2013

Remarkably, I did not wake up hungry today. Until I drank a cup of bone broth. I think I should have waited til later in the day, but the smell of it was driving me nuts! Now, I’m here, hungry and kinda sad. And my back hurts from sleeping in stupid Joshua Tree.

I’m doing this fast kinda by the seat of my pants, as I don’t have any one particular plan I’m following. I’ve read some differing opinions on fasting, and I think I agree with a few things, which may or may not be in conflict with one another.

1. Fasting allows your body to use the energy expenditures that would have otherwise been used to digest food to work on… other stuff. Super cell regeneration? I don’t know. I haven’t seen an academic article on the subject yet.

2. Bone broth contains certain building blocks of cells. Thus, if the cell regeneration bit is true, and it is not canceled out by the effort to digest bone broth, then bone broth in small quantities should be fine, if not beneficial.

3. Vitamin C is probably important if you can get it. A small amount of juice? Maybe… We’ll see how I feel when scurvy sets in.

4. Water-only fasts are probably more natural. Although, really? People went through times when they had access to potable water, but NO plants? I’d be chewing on tree nubs. (<-What are those?)

5. Fasts are not “a great way to stay in shape,” but you DO lose weight. So, I’ll be keeping up with that stuff for people who are interested.

Starting weight: 127

Height: 5’6″

Deigh 2 (get it?): 123.5

Deigh 3: 119