Ahh!!! I Can’t Do This!

by christypaul2013

So, I haven’t been crazy hungry, but I MISS EATING SO MUCH! Today, I’ve “eaten” an acai smoothie (at least it had no dairy) and two cups of bone broth, and all I’ve wanted to do all day is give up, move next to Porto’s and eat their cheese rolls everyday for the rest of my short, miserable life! Mmm, cream cheesy…

I’ve been trying to talk myself down from giving up and trying intermittent fasting instead. And I’m pretty persuasive, so… it’s hard.

I distracted myself from food by going out looking for a new apartment, since our landlords are selling the damn house out from under us. Sigh. We’ve been spoiled, and now every crappy $1600/month apartment with a turdy view and loud neighbors looks like a dump.

I want food!

Hmm, what else did I do today besides not eat? Oh! I printed art for the first time! And it was shot on an iPhone! And it’s Mr. Bump’s!

Printed version

My black and white printer didn’t really do it justice, but what’re ya gonna do?