Has it really been that long???

by christypaul2013

It has been a LONG time. I apologize. 

Let’s see, the last time I updated, I had secured a new apartment and was getting ready to move. Well, the apartment didn’t work out. When we went with Paul to sign the lease, he took one look at the place and decided it was too small. He was right, and we found a much nicer apartment in a more-happening area for the same price a couple of weeks later. So, now we can add North Hollywood to our list of places we’ve lived in Los Angeles, which brings our sum total to 5. Hopefully that number will stick for at least a couple of years. I swear all this moving is knocking years off my life. 😛

During the moving process, Paul switched from night shift to day shift, was promoted to Vault Leader, and discovered the truly douchebaggy nature of management (finally!). My husband switched to three eleven-hour days/week, fought tooth and nail with his butthole boss for a raise, and got the shingles. THE FREAKING SHINGLES! Who else thought the shingles were something we had eraticated long ago? Apparently, the chicken pox virus lays dormant in your nerves, waiting for your immune system to be in a weakened state, then BAM! Whole new virus. It IS rare for young people to get it, but it can be brought on by extreme stress, so… Get a coping strategy, kids! Oh, and if you get a band-like rash on one side of your torso, you really wanna get that checked out within the first 72 hours.

What was I doing during all of this? Taking care of the boys, packing and moving a house and trying to sell all of our extra stuff to an incredibly shrewd neighborhood. $30 for a five-piece sectional? Goddammit, fine. $15 for a mint-condition $115 Keurig? OH, my heart… We wound up having to give our beautiful 1970’s GE washer/dryer set away for FREE… 😥 I don’t wanna talk about it. But, SIGH, it’s done with now, and that’s worth a lot. 

More back-logged diary-ing to come…

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