Magazines, Make-up and Make-Believe

Hello, old friend…

I’m about to condense the hell out of some time. INHALe…

The last Friday of May, we all went to a Ladies Night thingy at Pinup Girl Boutique.


We got there late because we were finishing the move out of the old place, so I missed the Great Gatsby make-up tutorial by pinup model and America’s Next Top Model contestant Micheline Pitt (who also owns the boutique?).



The place was packed to the gills with decked-out pinup peeps, possibly because it’s always busy on ladies night, or maybe because fetish model Masuimi Max was there launching her make-up line, I AM SIN.



In honor of the launch, and probably to support sales, there was a raffle for people who bought I AM SIN makeup. It was down to the last eight minutes when we got there, and I was hesitant because there were so many people who already had tickets. With a few seconds to spare, my husband goaded me into buying something so I would stop being so mopey.

They announced the first winner, wasn’t me. The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth. Dang it, this $18 lipstick had better be good. They pumped up the audience for the grand prize: Masuimi’s fancy-ass skincare regimen, $100 gift certificate for more I AM SIN make-up and buhbuhduhbuh! Micheline Pitt does your make-up (a $75 value)! AND…

They didn’t call my number.


Just kidding, they did.

And a mere two months later, I was getting my make-up done by Micheline Pitt. By this time, I had also become friends with a photographer and worked on his magazine (I helped design the cover of the next issue! I’ll post a picture of it when it goes to newsstands). So, after I got my make-up done, I got to do an embarrassing photo shoot with my fancy makeup and new dress (and new heels, which DESTROYED me).


News Anchor?


Eyes Closed, Showcasing the Make-up


Photos by: Jimon Aframian

It’s been a long, strange trip. I still feel pretty un-photogenic, but I did something new, so… whatever that’s worth.


Oh, and all that hype and no pictures of the shoes?!

They're pretty... extremely uncomfortable.

They’re pretty… extremely uncomfortable.


And I’m¬†writing my second full-length screenplay of the year! About gold diggers.¬†You now know everything that I know.