The Magazine’s Out and My Fashionable Doppleganger

Remember that magazine cover I helped design? HERE IT IS!


I did the one on the left…

Paul, Jimon and I are going to Vegas this weekend to celebrate the release of the magazine and Jimon’s going away to NY Fashion Week, whenever that is…


Editor-in-Chief / Creative Director
Jimon Aframian

Contributing Editors
Roger Gastman [Los Angeles]
Me [Los Angeles]!
Sabrina Yasmine Smith [New York]
Erin Bennett [Los Angeles]
Tamara Cincik [London]

Digital Editor
Trey Davis


Luzena Adams
Bastian Achard
Eddie Chacon
Hiroshi Manaka
Tomokazu Hamada
Chip Willis
Ed Fox
Sylvie Blum

Contributing Fashion Editors
James Rosenthal
Sissy Sainte-Marie
Oono Haruka

Contributing Beauty Editors
Philipp Koch Verheyen
Elsa Canedo
Cheyenne Timperio
Jeffrey Baum
Tony Vin
Shinya Fukami
Tsuyoshi Watanabe
Christina Van Zon
Keiko Tada

Sylvie Blum

Back cover photography
Batian Achard

Copy Editor

Special Thanks
Trey Davis
Jason Napolitano
Razmik Avedissian
Sylvie Blum

Jimon Aframian

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I was googling “Asian red hair dye” and stumbled upon this picture:


Quick photo, because what's the point of all this without any evidence?!

Quick photo, because what’s the point of all this without any evidence?!

I briefly entertained the idea that someone could have taken a picture of me without my knowing and posted it on the interwebs, but then I noticed the jewelry. It’s all way cooler than anything I would ever wear. She also has a fashion blog, which you can see here: I love the “and your mom” joke. I once filled out Paul’s OKCupid profile entirely in “your mom” jokes, and I think it scored him some dates (not the fruit kind), so there you go world! Girls like your mom jokes! And so does your mom.