Personal News Updates

by christypaul2013

If you’ve scoured every inch of my blog, you may have already seen the old news, but here it is again in the likely event that you didn’t: on September 20th, my dad died. He was 62. He fell and shattered his femur in early September and was still at the hospital for physical rehab when he fell again, likely knocking a blood clot loose that killed him in his sleep. He always said he wanted to die in his sleep. I wonder how many people actually do. You mean to tell me a stiff breeze or an involuntary leg spasm can wake us up, but not our body going into cardiac arrest? Maybe “they died in their sleep” is just a euphemism. Either way, I think I’d rather be fully awake and terrified, the way God intended it.

When I last saw him in July, he was showing off the Happy Retirement card he’d received from his co-workers, and he told me that retirement was like “having the world lifted” from his shoulders. My mom was a few months away from early retirement as well, which was actually what made his death hit the hardest for me. I couldn’t imagine having the rug so thoroughly pulled out from under you when you’d worked your whole life to get there. Putting off life til retirement can be a death sentence, and while our generation may wind up homeless sans 401k, I’m proud to be part of a flow in a new direction.

What else? A few weeks prior to “the fall,” I began my search for my birth parents. It took a while and a few lost e-mails, but I was informed a couple of days ago that they had located my birth father. I gave them the go ahead to contact him, so they said they would be sending a telegram… I didn’t even know they still had those.

I imagine some postal worker with a kazoo informing my birth father at his doorstep that his biological daughter is still alive in America, and would he like to communicate with her? At this point, the door creaks open and his wife and kids stand gap-mawed and confused. The postman stands with a frozen smile as the door swings shut. Indoor shouting ensues.

Anywho, I’ll keep you updated.

What else? Oh, yesterday my grandfather-in-law fractured his femur and is in the hospital. I blame the blog. I don’t remember other years being this eventful. Then again, I do have short-term memory… Well, how often do you start a search for your birth parents and have a parent die a few weeks later? Can’t be more than once, twice a year.

In less strange news, the arranging of Paul’s Christmas-themed birthday party next Saturday has proven more difficult than anticipated in these pre-Halloween times. On the upside, however, I do have a turkey.