Papusa Prowl ’13

by christypaul2013

First things first, I get that it’s PU-PUSA not PA-PUSA. However, I feel that pupusa sounds like poo-poosa which is gross and I refuse to eat it!! So the word shall now be spelled papusa.


Yes lawd, Papusa Prowl ’13 is upon us. What is Papusa Prowl ‘ 13 you ask? It’s an immersive 4-D experience where soul collides with stomach.

Papusas are golden-brown discs of magic. We used to live in Papusa Valley, where kind old ladies made these things by the boat load as long as you paid ’em a dollar and promised not to steal their condiment bucket. Now that we live in NoHo Papusas are harder to come by. That ends today! Well, at least the plan is springing to action today.

Tomorrow morning I shall embark upon my papusa pilgrimage. I’m going to walk to our old neighborhood and buy papusas.

WALK?! Yes I said walk. Papusas contain to rich an experience to just drive there like some Johnny Come Lately. You must be ready for papusa. You must be worthy. My journey will begin once the Sun is warm enough to wake me. Or until Chodie Foster demands kibbel and claws me out of my dreams.


The spelling’s off but this guy gets it. Join the Papusa Posse. TODAY!

I don’t know where the road will take me. Along the way there might be cracks in the sidewalk. There might be no sidewalks at all. However treacherous the path, however cold the winter air; thoughts of papusa will warm me.

I promise to share pictures, videos, even a quick written-word or three along the way. Google tells me that once I have walked there and back again I will have walked TEN MILES. What google doesn’t tell me is that when i return I will be 10 TIMES THE MAN AS BEFORE.

What happens if I can’t walk 10 miles? That doesn’t matter because wherever I end up I’ll be with my friends. The papusas.

A great man once ate 50 eggs. Tomorrow morning I’ll do him one better. I’ll walk ten miles for papusas.