Star Wars Theatrical Poster for Christy

by christypaul2013

Photo on 12-15-15 at 11.25 AM #5.jpgLook what Paul found for Christy! It’s a flawless, double-sided Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Movie Poster! Sure, he could have sold it online for $250, but instead he was lazy his whole life and gave it to me. Speaking of which, I now have a picture blog called The Fork Awakens. That’s right. I own it now.

Photo on 12-15-15 at 11.26 AM #7I remember the first time I ever watched Episodes IV, V and VI… It was Paul’s birthday, so naturally, he wanted to watch something I’d never normally agree to watch. (My rule over the remote at that house was absolute.) I didn’t want to ruin my Original-Star-Wars virginity, but ruin it I did, all over our old couch. There was a lot of question asking and laughing at burnt-up relatives, but ultimately I did not enjoy them enough to watch them again, sooo… Maybe this is a waste of a perfectly good poster. I didn’t mind the one with the Tree Bears. It was less boring than the other two, but I still have no idea what the humans were up to in that one. Tree Bears pulling a Home Alone on Storm Troopers… Hilarious. Photo on 12-15-15 at 11.25 AM #7

Time to head to Michaels and save 80% on an enormous picture frame. Unless someone wants to give me $250 for it, in which case, “Hello, frivolous kitchen equipment shopping spree!”

Photo on 12-15-15 at 11.26 AM #6