Who are Christy & Paul?

We are.

Hi, I’m Christy.

Full Mustache

Christy is happily married. Her mustache is going through a difficult divorce.

And I’m Paul.

Watch out L.A. Ladies, Paul is single and ready to mingle. ; )

We met our freshman year at The University of Alabama and bonded over our love of movies and all things media.

When we graduated in 2010, we moved out to Los Angeles to pursue our dreams of becoming screenwriters.

Two years and three apartments later, we had accomplished exactly nothing. Hulu, Netflix, and in Paul’s case, living with a psychotic porn star, had stolen every hour of every day from us. We were dirty media addicts.

At the end of 2012, we decided that enough was enough. We admitted that we had a problem that couldn’t be solved by willpower and set out to handle our media/junkfood/information addictions like professionals.

So, for the year of 2013, we have agreed to cut out the following:




Social Networking

All Internet, aside from our blog*, our Pandora One account, e-mail** and grammar/dictionary sites

Junk Food/Drinks (that we don’t make from scratch ourselves)

All recreational drugs, save for alcohol in cooking and caffeine (sweet, syrupy coffee)

*Of course, sometimes curiosity will get the better of us, and we may mention a follower’s blog in our posts. Hey! We’ve got a LOT of free time!

**Feel free to e-mail us at christypaul2013 (at) gmail.com about, well, anything.