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A year without internet, media and junkfood. Lord, help us.

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Ending on a High Note: A Year in Retrospect.

Well, it’s that time of year again. You know, the end of it. It’s a time to conjure up a new reason to live after all the seasonal S.A.D.ness and the waking up every day after the sun’s gone down. A time to say goodbye to the blog and reflect on the results of our year-long experiment. A time to get on with it already.

But before we do that, I would like to thank everyONE in our intimate blogging community for commenting and keeping up with the Klardashienz. We’ll miss you someday.

Oh, and if you like photography, VISIT THIS PAGE!!! ==>

Photos courtesy of (with no permission) Brent's iPhone and Japan!

Photos courtesy of (with no permission) Brent’s iPhone and Japan!

Awesome and FREQUENTLY updated blog from Japan!

Awesome and FREQUENTLY updated blog from Japan!

Ahem, on with the show…


  • No internet, media watching, texting or video games.
  • ~55 WordPress posts!
  • Enter short screenwriting thingy.
  • Create
  • Cook A LOT.
  • Blow up an eggplant in the oven.
  • Take more pictures of myself than my parents have looked at me.
  • We’re sure this will be the most productive year ever!
Eggsplat. No, eggsplosion.

Eggsplat. No, eggsplosion.


  • I win a Scriptshadow shorts week spot!
  • Start work on Dog Tags.
  • I meet the Scripstshadow guy in person. He encourages me to send him the finished script.
  • We feel confident that this screenwriting thing is gonna happen, yeah!


  • Finish first draft of script.
  • Get too drunk and eat too much KFC.
  • Go to see the heads of screenplay contests lie their asses off.
Don't do it, people!

Don’t do it, people!

Bigass BUCK'T of chicken.

Bigass BUCK’T of chicken.


  • Finish up Dog Tags.
  • Send it to Scriptshadow guy who never returns my e-mail.
  • Start going to Starbucks while my husband’s at work.
  • Meet friendly local screenwriter who likes my work.
  • Experiment with fasting.


  • Get “encouraged to move” by landlords who want to sell.
  • Publish one post about apartment hunting.
  • Apartment hunt.
  • Decide that extended fasting is bull after seeing countless pictures of dull-haired anorexics with the caption: “I’m not starving, I’m feasting on fat!”
  • Win top prize at Pinup Girl Boutique drawing: fancy-shmancy skincare products, $100 worth of Masuimi Max’s makeup and my makeup done by Micheline Pitt.
So much makeup...

So much makeup…



  • Post one catch-all post.
  • Start work on gold diggers script.
  • Work on friend’s fashion magazine.
The cover on the left is my masterpiece!

The cover on the left is my masterpiece!


  • Another one-post month.
  • Start to get into quantum physics and the meaning of existence.
  • Start to realize that we do what we want, and that I must not “want” to be a screenwriter.


  • Call my parents from Pasadena “just because” for the first time.
  • Stab myself in hand with paring knife. It leaves a scar.
  • Start my search for my birth parents.
  • My dad falls and breaks his leg. He stays in the hospital for over two weeks, but I never call.
  • My dad dies in the hospital.
Me and my dad. I'm the one in the pink. Check out that crazy 80's light fixture!

Me and my dad. I’m the confused one in the pink. Check out that crazy 80’s light fixture!


Paul's Fanciest Birfday Present

Paul’s Fanciest Birfday Present


  • Sign up for Nanowrimo.
  • Throw Paul’s Christmas Birthday.
  • Give up on Nanowrimo.
  • Get new Nike Fuelband.
  • Go Fuelband crazy.
  • Go home for Thanksgiving.
  • Help mom get her affairs in order.
  • Get asked by Food Network for rights to our eggplant explosion pictures.


  • Paul posts a lot while we’re gone.
  • Return to LA with renewed sense of agency.
  • Paul visits Alabama.
  • After years of thinking, finally figure out the meaning of existence: there is none.
  • Feel dissatisfied with the answer and stupid for thinking it would be satisfying.
  • Get depressed.
  • Feel distant from Paul when he gets back, because we’ve lost our shared dream of screenwriting and are starting to diverge paths, or because we worship different gods, or because we haven’t been separated for this long in years. Things just feel different.
  • Bet Paul $50 he can’t go to Sunday morning church eight weeks in a row.


  • Celebrate New Year’s with Trey and Paul and Chodie Foster, uncertain where we’ll be this time next year, but grateful for the time we have left like this.
Shakes come & go... but Friends are Furrr-ever! Chuck E. Cheese's - 8/17/09

Shakes come & go…
but Friends are Furrr-ever!
Chuck E. Cheese’s – 8/17/09

Good night, dear reader, and good luck.



Fasting at Starbucks (Thursday, April 24, 2013)

On the way here this morning, I was listening to NPR against my will when a story came on about a four-year-old girl who received psychiatric treatment because her parents took her iPad away. Apparently, she was inconsolable. The mother was the one being quietly interviewed. She said that her four-year-old daughter would listen to music, play PBS games and carry the iPad around like a security blanket. But for some crazy reason, she would throw a temper tantrum when it was time for one of her sisters to use it. In fact, all of the kids would be none-too-pleased to pass off the iPad, begging for a minute or two more to finish what they were doing. The mom got tired of hearing the arguments and opted to put the iPad on top of the fridge during the workweek. Now, she says, the kids don’t bother her as much. The house is quieter. All is right with the world. Right ?

I know that the story is supposed to elicit a chuckle from the audience, but I can’t help seeing this from the child’s perspective. I remember my “safety blanket” as a child, a stuffed moose named Bullwinkle. I couldn’t sleep without him. One day, I lost him. My parents searched for hours until he finally surfaced, in our mailbox. This was a stuffed animal. It wasn’t an engineering feat of addictiveness, but it was one of the most important things in my young life. It was like food, only bigger. Would I have been willing to share him? Probably not. Would I have gone balls-to-the-wall crazy if my parents put him on the refrigerator and only let me see him for a few hours on the weekend? Certainly, at first. But after a while, my young mind would probably grasp that it was out of my control. All that I’d be left with was a sense of loss. And a sense that loss was out of my control.

What would that mother do if someone took away her iPhone? What about her Yoga mat? What about her purse? What if they didn’t take it away outright, just put it somewhere she couldn’t get to it and restricted her access/ability to buy a new one. I think it’s a natural tendency for us to develop a sense of ownership over something that we love/interact with frequently. I’m not saying it’s enlightened, but how much more enlightened do you think the mom is than the four-year-old, really? I think we’re all pretty terrible at dealing with forced deprivation. Let’s at least be adult about it. O_0

In other news, I met Kate Flannery (Meredith from The Office) today!

Weight: 117.6


It’s 6:30PM, and I’m enjoying my first and only cup of bone broth. I’ve been cleaning house all day to prepare for a photographer to take pictures so our landlords can try to sell the house without having to negotiate rent with us. <– probably a run-on sentence. Is it wrong to clutter up your place intentionally? Not dirty, just… cluttered. We haven’t been using the TV and game consoles, but it might be a great time to bring ’em out. We’ve got an old monitor that we don’t use either… hmm…

I haven’t been particularly hungry today, but my thoughts on food swung wildly. I could feel my inner-child, who happens to also be my adult self, kicking violently about not being able to give myself what I wanted when I wanted. I mean, I felt physically weak, not from hunger, but from a mental temper tantrum over not being able to get my way. I felt like crying, even knowing, logically, that there was no way I would break my fast for a cookie. How could I go so long without noticing this part of myself? I suppose it’s like the kid who’s well-behaved as long as he always has a candy bar in his hand. Sneaky.

Since I’ve been an adult, there’s been virtually nothing that I’ve had to deprive myself of. In fact, for people in the first world, there’s very little that any of us have to deprive ourselves of. It makes any kind of deprivation seem like the end of the world, although, only when it’s happening to us, right? How else have we become spoiled? How have we not been spoiled? Entertainment, information, food, travel. Even work. I’m not sure, but I feel like deadlines and punishments are softer these days. In some aspects, it’s fine to be spoiled, I guess. I’m sure most of us would prefer it to the alternative, but I wonder, what does it do to our work ethic? Is being able to handle deprivation the same thing as being able to push yourself to do the work? These… are questions.

In other news, I feel like I can see better? Oh, and I weigh the same today as I did yesterday. 119lbs. Interesting… Maybe it’s because 119’s what I normally weigh.

It’s the BIG TEXAS BUTTERS SHOW!!! Happy traaaaaillllls to yoooouuuuu.

Ahh!!! I Can’t Do This!

So, I haven’t been crazy hungry, but I MISS EATING SO MUCH! Today, I’ve “eaten” an acai smoothie (at least it had no dairy) and two cups of bone broth, and all I’ve wanted to do all day is give up, move next to Porto’s and eat their cheese rolls everyday for the rest of my short, miserable life! Mmm, cream cheesy…

I’ve been trying to talk myself down from giving up and trying intermittent fasting instead. And I’m pretty persuasive, so… it’s hard.

I distracted myself from food by going out looking for a new apartment, since our landlords are selling the damn house out from under us. Sigh. We’ve been spoiled, and now every crappy $1600/month apartment with a turdy view and loud neighbors looks like a dump.

I want food!

Hmm, what else did I do today besides not eat? Oh! I printed art for the first time! And it was shot on an iPhone! And it’s Mr. Bump’s!

Printed version

My black and white printer didn’t really do it justice, but what’re ya gonna do?

Ah… BreakFast?

Remarkably, I did not wake up hungry today. Until I drank a cup of bone broth. I think I should have waited til later in the day, but the smell of it was driving me nuts! Now, I’m here, hungry and kinda sad. And my back hurts from sleeping in stupid Joshua Tree.

I’m doing this fast kinda by the seat of my pants, as I don’t have any one particular plan I’m following. I’ve read some differing opinions on fasting, and I think I agree with a few things, which may or may not be in conflict with one another.

1. Fasting allows your body to use the energy expenditures that would have otherwise been used to digest food to work on… other stuff. Super cell regeneration? I don’t know. I haven’t seen an academic article on the subject yet.

2. Bone broth contains certain building blocks of cells. Thus, if the cell regeneration bit is true, and it is not canceled out by the effort to digest bone broth, then bone broth in small quantities should be fine, if not beneficial.

3. Vitamin C is probably important if you can get it. A small amount of juice? Maybe… We’ll see how I feel when scurvy sets in.

4. Water-only fasts are probably more natural. Although, really? People went through times when they had access to potable water, but NO plants? I’d be chewing on tree nubs. (<-What are those?)

5. Fasts are not “a great way to stay in shape,” but you DO lose weight. So, I’ll be keeping up with that stuff for people who are interested.

Starting weight: 127

Height: 5’6″

Deigh 2 (get it?): 123.5

Deigh 3: 119

I’m so hungry!

It’s only the first day of semi-fasting, and all I can think about is food. Granted, all I ever think about is food, but it’s different now. Sadder. I want food to come back to me. I want to promise to appreciate it this time and not take it for granted.

This… is an inauspicious start.

Get here, and fast!

I have decided to go on a water-only fast for 15 days. I considered 30, and I may still extend the fast later, but right now, I’m thinkin’ that I don’t weigh enough to fast for a month. At least not without frightening people around me.

I started prepping for the fast today by drinking only outrageously priced fruit juice. I probably came in at around 600 calories. Not nearly what one would call fasting, but I figure if so much care should be taken when breaking a fast, at least a little consideration should be put into starting it, right?

My stomach is rumbly, but my hopes are high. @_@