Christy and Paul 2013

A year without internet, media and junkfood. Lord, help us.

Day 12 Nike+ FuelBand SE

It’s been a long weekend. I’ve been waking up after sunset, which is always a little depressing/disorienting. My days have definitely been less active as a result.


Day 8 Nike+ FuelBand SE

We walked to our local Vallarta tonight, got burrito stuff and a 44 oz Big Gulp O’ Horchata ($3.50!). It tastes like ice-cold eggnog and cotton candy! How have I not already tried this stuff?!

My left shin has been hurting for about three days now… I wonder if you can get shin splints from walking? I refuse to Google this.

Day 7 Nike+ FuelBand SE

I’m hitting my goals, but I’m losing Hours Won. I guess it is our natural inclination to optimize.

Not that last Wednesday was anything special...

Not that last Wednesday was anything special…

About once a month, my sleep schedule shifts little by little until I’m forced to stay up all night and all day to fix it again. I’m currently waking up at around 3:30 in the afternoon and going to sleep at around 5:00 in the morning. So… Soon.

Streak Week!!!

Streak Week!!! When you reach 7 days in a row, this guy gets his soul sucked out of his body. Something to aspire to.

I wish I had a stronger circadian rhythm. According to one study that I can’t source right now, people with weak ones are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s!

Day 6 Nike+ FuelBand SE

Walked 4 miles to the mall. I’m starting to enjoy walking, and I think that the exercise is making it easier to construct sentences. Hooray!

Day 5 Nike+ FuelBand SE (11/11/13)

The Jewels of... the Insides of Fish

The Jewels of… the Insides of Fish

Two Year Anniversary! We celebrated with sashimi and a whole lotta doing nothing, but I did manage to get in the requisite points to maintain my streak, so YAY!

PanoRama piKtuRes R HaRd

PanoRama piKtuRes R HaRd

Share with whom?!

Share with whom?!

Day 4 Nike+ FuelBand SE

Walked around Costco and the mall, then danced around the living room to rack up the last 500 points. Damn my natural tendency to sit!

Also, damn these Soft Salad crackers! How can I expect people to give up black tar heroin when I can’t stop myself from eating the entire pack of individually wrapped rice crackers as soon as I get them?

The short answer is, I can’t. The long answer is that I don’t know anyone with a heroin addiction (as far as I know), and I never expected them to give it up.

Back to the crackers: THEY’RE INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED! It’s like Kameda is telling me that the crackers are supposed to miraculously last days, maybe weeks! This isn’t the Miracle of Lights!

But, as I sit here licking the MSG-grease from the tattered wrappings, I wonder whether I might have a teensy impulse-control problem, and what, if anything, I can do to change that. FIX IT, NIKE! FIX MY PROBLEMS!

Ahem, good night to all.

Nike+ FuelBand SE – Day 3

I ate Korean BBQ, but I didn’t feel like death afterwards, so I would call today a raging success!

I watched football, ahem, obviously… Played a little of Redbox’s cruel joke that is the XBOX version of Call of Duty. THERE’S NO WAY TO PLAY THE CAMPAIGN!!! OR EXTINCTION MODE!

This got me to thinking about what it will be like when we buy/rent everything from our robot overlords. How are we to ask Redbox for a refund? How may we complain to Redbox that this disk is not the full game? How will we avoid Redbox’s costly and impersonal wrath when we keep the game for five days anyway?

Thanks to the items mentioned above, I didn’t reach my FuelPoints goal (2500) til almost midnight. But I did it, and I’m happy that I did. Three days is a streak, apparently!

Nike+ FuelBand SE – Day 2

I got more FuelPoints than yesterday from walking my happy ass all over Burbank, but I also got a chocolate soda from Rocket Fizz, a cheese roll, potato ball and Mamey smoothie from Porto’s and a “Butterbeer” from Starbucks. (<=All divided by 2.5)

At least I walked to my crappy food, right? Baby steps. They should make baby treadmills…

Paul HAD to have it:

^It tastes like praline ice cream or, as Paul put it, Cap’n Crunch Berries milk.^

Nike+ Fuelband SE – Day 1

The results of my first day with Nike+ Fuelband SE calling me lazy.

For Anyone Who’s Suffered Through Too Many TED Talks

Unlike most TED Talks, this needs to be shared with the world.